Yinlu's outstanding corporate culture is a cornerstone for our development from a small workshop of just six people to one of the industry leaders with over 15,000 staffs and a national production and sales network. Our founder's spirits of "credibility, diligence, innovation and responsibility" have been passed down and inherited by all our staffs.


In the new historic era, bearing the spirits of broad, open and inclusive in mind, we will learn from world-leading enterprises and combine our unique advantages with advanced management concepts of the world in order to create a progressive and win-win corporate culture.






Create delicious, nutritious and convenient products based on traditional Chinese foods
And become a trustworthy leader in the food and beverage industry

  • Having our origin in Xiamen China, Yinlu has inherited and condensed the traditional Chinese culture and combined traditional foods and modern techniques to create our nutritious and healthy foods of Chinese characteristics, e.g. Eight-treasure Porridge, Peanut Milk and Milk Peanut and promote them across China and even to the world.
  • Yinlu's policy is to satisfy the all-around high-quality requirements of consumers on the convenience, balanced nutrition and health of foods in the fast-temp modern life.
  • As an industry leader, Yinlu is committed to continuous pooling of talents, technical innovation and improvement of our brand image. We aim to become a leading and trustworthy enterprise with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility apart from our powerful business.




  • 爱心、诚心、良心、是企业的核心,为顾客提供"安全、方便、营养、健康、美味"的食品饮料是全体银鹭人肩上义不容辞的责任。食品安全是底线,方便快捷是特点,均衡营养是基础,健康生活是目的,美味享受是升华。
  • 银鹭在为员工提供良好的职业发展平台和具有竞争力的薪酬福利同时,努力营造彼此尊重、信任的环境,让员工在平等、公平的竞争氛围中找到精神和价值的归属与认同,从而实现企业发展和员工成长的双赢。
  • 从产品的真材实料,到作风的求真务实,银鹭人脚踏实地,忠诚奉献,努力为股东创造良好业绩,让投资者在获得合理回报的同时,尊享银鹭潜在的商誉价值。
  • 己欲立而立人,己欲达而达人,当银鹭获得成功时,也帮助他人成功;当银鹭发展时,也促进他人发展。银鹭不仅要把企业经营好,还要系统顾及利益相关方,为全社会创造共享价值。



诚信 / 拼搏 / 创新 / 责任

  • 诚信:诚信是企业立业之本,也是银鹭人为人做事的准则。银鹭人要真诚对待消费者、同事和各利益相关方,坚决反对隐瞒欺诈和弄虚作假。
  • 拼搏:银鹭创始人秉持"爱拼才会赢"的闽南精神,筚路蓝缕创立基业,打造了爱拼善赢、开拓进取的优良传统。在银鹭发展壮大的今天,更要发扬光大"拼搏"精神,居安思危,为赢取更大的成功而努力。
  • 创新:创新是企业制胜的利器,也是银鹭始终走在行业最前沿的推动力。银鹭人要以独创的视角、全新的思路,提供独有的差别化产品和服务,不断推动生产、经营、管理、产品和服务的创新。
  • 责任:"为自己、为家人、为银鹭、为社会"是银鹭倡导的主人翁意识的实践标准。每个人都是自己、家庭、企业、社会乃至国家命运的主宰者。只有人人尽心尽责,家庭才能和谐和睦,社会才能安定有序地运转,国家才能繁荣富强。每一个银鹭人都要恪尽职守,为实现家庭、企业、社会的和谐共赢而努力。